prices of apartments in Turkey remain high

None of us has heard of the beauty of Turkey and picturesque nature, asked of you from East and West territory of Turkey will inevitably knows, Istanbul is the center of the Ottoman caliphate for over five hundred years, this succession on a very wide geographical area, not to mention that the Silk Road was passing on its territory were merchants traveling convoys bearer all classes and types of goods including silk luxury Turkish which flourished in Turkey a long time to reach these convoys of maximum China, and to this day set Turkey on the throne of Islamic States therefore have apartments for sale in Turkey is already great and exceptional, especially the prices of apartments in Turkey remain high, but cheap compared to real estate in Europe, and Turkey are currently experiencing development and prosperity over the past 20 years where he obtained in Turkey quantum leaps several levels of economic, social, political and perhaps the most prominent commercial and industrial real estate, tourism and health.

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